Business plan for the future Decision Support System

Deliverable 8.5 of the H2020 project SafetyCube
Filtness, A.; Thomas, P.; Talbot, R.; Papadimitriou, E.; Yannis, G.; Kaiser, S.; Machata, K.; Eenink, R.; Weijermars, W.

The European Road Safety Decision Support System (DSS) is a comprehensive “one stop shop” designed to inform evidence based policy by providing state of the art scientific knowledge on road safety. A short promotion video is available here: The DSS ( has a user
friendly web-based interface allowing users access to compressive information about a large range of road safety risk (problems) and measures (solutions), and links between the two. In addition, users are presented with information about serious road injuries, accident scenario fact sheets and an Economic Efficiency Evaluation (E3) tool. The E3 tool allows users to evaluate the cost effectiveness of road safety measures as well as providing a selection of worked examples.

The European Road Safety DSS was developed by the European Commission supported Horizon 2020 project Safety CaUsation, Benefits and Efficiency (SafetyCube). The object of SafetyCube was to develop an innovative road safety Decision Support System (DSS) that will enable policy-makers and stakeholders to select and implement the most appropriate strategies, measures and cost-effective approaches to reduce casualties of all road user types and all severities. Detailed information about the development and DSS status at the end of the SafetyCube project are available in Yannis & Papadimitriou (2018). An overview of the DSS scientific content and a summary of the methodology used to develop the DSS can be found in the SafetyCube Final Project Report (Thomas & Talbot, 2018). The present Deliverable (8.5) gives a brief overview of the current state of the art DSS, describes the future enhanced version of the DSS and provides information for potential funder(s). Opportunity is available for new funders to support the European road safety DSS as it is developed and enhanced for future users. Through supporting the DSS, the future funder(s) will be contributing the Global UN Sustainable Development Goals on road safety by taking a leading position to actively promote effective solutions to road safety’s most pressing challenges.

Aspirations for the future DSS will make the scientific content more accessible through translation of content in to local languages and filtering information into the manner most appropriate for low and middle income countries. The content will be expanded to include more topics and more detail about existing topics. Expansion of knowledge will include knowledge about implementing measures and a focus on the interdependences of road safety measures considering the impacts of implementing measures in combination. In addition to the future visions for content there are also aspirations for the future web based interface. A key enhancement will be to give users the ability to customise the display and select the information they would like to see for each individual coded study.

The best case future for DSS operation is that of extended growth supported by considerable external funding. The exact structure, legal entity and governance of the future enhanced DSS will be decided in collaboration between the SafetyCube consortia and the future funder(s). In this cooperative way funding partners will have the chance to
influence the development process in the manner most appropriate to meet their stakeholder needs. It is envisaged that the future DSS will be financed by several Organisations, therefore, the governance, time schedule and strategy for extended growth will be mutually decided. Within the SafetyCube project activities have been undertaken to
advertise the DSS and provide information for potential funders.

The European road safety DSS is the first integrated road safety support system developed in Europe. It aims to be the “go to tool” for road safety knowledge. The next funder(s) of the DSS have the exciting opportunity to take the DSS to the next level in facilitating the future of evidence based road safety policy making, ensuring safe roads for all.

Thomas, P.; Filtness, A.
Gepubliceerd door
European Commission, Brussels


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