Effective strategies to improve safety : case studies of commercial motor carrier safety advancement.

Camden, M.C. Hickman, J.S. & Hanowski, R.J.

Previous research has identified a number of safety improvement strategies that commercial motor vehicle (CMV) fleets can use to reduce crashes. These include using strict initial hiring guidelines to identify safe drivers, creating comprehensive training programs for newly hired drivers, designing comprehensive training programs for experienced drivers, building a strong safety culture, improving driver scheduling to reduce risky driving and fatigue, equipping trucks with advanced safety technologies, and implementing proactive vehicle maintenance programs. Although previous research has documented safety improvement strategies, many carriers may not have real-world data and/or information on the strategies that other carriers have successfully used to improve safety. Thus, carriers in search of suggestions may find an overview of other carriers’ success stories useful in developing their own safety improvement plans. This study identified strategies that CMV fleets have successfully used to improve their safety outcomes. Specifically, this study answered the following three questions: 1. What safety interventions did CMV carriers successfully use to significantly improve safety outcomes ? 2. What safety interventions were not effective in significantly improving safety outcomes ? 3. What were the barriers in implementing each safety intervention, and how were those barriers overcome ? (Author/publisher)


20200076 ST [electronic version only]

Blackburg, VA, National Surface Transportation Safety Center for Excellence NSTSCE, 2019, IX + 50 p., 26 ref.; NSTSCE Report ; No. #19-UI-072

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