The effects of speed enforcement with mobile radar on speed and accidents. An evaluation study at rural roads in the Dutch province Friesland

Goldenbeld, Ch.; Schagen, I. van
In an evaluation study, the effects of targeted speed enforcement on speed and road accidents were assessed. Enforcementwas predominantly carried out by means of mobile radar and focused on rural non-motorway roads. Information and publicity supported the enforcement activities. The evaluation covered a period of 5 years of enforcement. The speed data of these 5 years and the year preceding the enforcement project showed a significant decrease in mean speed and the percentage speed limit violators over time. The largest decrease was found in the first year of the enforcement project and in the fourth year of the project, when the enforcement effort was further intensified. There were similar decreases in speeding at both the enforced roads and at the nearby comparison roads that were not subjected to the targeted speed enforcement project, which may be explained by spillover effects. The best estimate for the safety effect of the enforcement project is a reduction of 21% in both the number of injury accidents and the number of serious casualties. This was based on comparison between the number of accidents/casualties during the enforcement project (5 years) and and the 8 preceding years on the enforced roads and at all other roads outside urban areas in the same region.

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