An evaluation of high-visibility crosswalk treatments, Clearwater, Florida.

Nitzburg, M. & Knoblauch, R.L.

A novel overhead illuminated crosswalk sign and high-visibility ladder style crosswalk were elevated in Clearwater, Florida. Using and experimental/control design, the effect of the novel treatments on driver and pedestrian behaviour was determined. A significant 30 to 40 percent increase in daytime driver yielding behaviour was found. A smaller (8 percent) and statistically insignificant increase in night-time driver yielding behaviour was observed. A large (35 percent) increase in crosswalk usage by pedestrians was noted along with no change in pedestrian overconfidence, running or conflicts. It was concluded that the high-visibility crosswalk treatments had a positive effect on pedestrian and driver behaviour on the relatively narrow low-speed crossings that were studied. Additional work is needed to determine if they will also have a desirable effect on wider, higher-speed roadways. (A) Full text is also available on FHWA CD-ROM, Safer Journey (FHWA-SA-00-009).

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20020131 ST [electronic version only]

McLean, VA, U.S. Department of Transportation DOT, Federal Highway Administration FHWA, Turner-Fairbank Highway Research Center Research and Development RD, 2001, III + 16 p.; FHWA-RD-00-105

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