Fatigue-related risks for Queensland taxi-drivers : final report on the operational and scientific factors related to fatigue in taxi drivers, to inform the possible development of reform, regulation and industry guidelines.

Fletcher, A. & Mitchell, P.

Existing legislation prohibits taxi drivers from driving while fatigued, however their working hours are not regulated. In addition, it is difficult to detect, measure and monitor fatigued taxi drivers. The Director General of the Queensland Department of Transport and Main Roads (TMR) requested that the Passenger Transport Division seek independent advice on fatigue issues relating to taxi driving to further inform a strategy to enhance fatigue management requirements for taxi drivers in Queensland. In September of 2010, Integrated Safety Support was contacted to contribute to the provision of this advice. Relevant information was gathered from several sources, including published scientific journal articles, Taxi Industry documents, and from consultation with jurisdictional regulators in other states and territories. The issues of general driver fatigue and taxi driver fatigue were discussed from these perspectives.. (Author/publisher)


20190257 ST [electronic version only]

Brisbane, QLD, Queensland Government, 2011, 22 p., ref.

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