Glossary for transport statistics.

United Nations Economic Commission for Europe UNECE International Transport Forum ITF & Eurostat

The Glossary for transport statistics was published for the first time in 1994 with the purpose of assisting member countries during the collection of data on transport using the Common Questionnaire developed by the UNECE, ITF and Eurostat. It has since evolved to cover all areas of transport statistics. The present fifth edition is the result of continuing valuable cooperation between the three organisations, that — through the action of the Intersecretariat Working Group (IWG. Trans.) — has put a sustained effort into harmonizing transport statistics at the European and international level. The IWG provided valuable input with respect to missing definitions, terminology that is outdated, as well as definitions that should be reformulated or clarified, revised and illustrated. The new 5th edition of the Glossary comprises 744 definitions and represents a point of reference for all those involved in transport statistics. By following the guidance contained within these definitions, a considerable contribution will be given to the improvement in both the quality and comparability of the data. In this edition, the rail, road, inland waterway, maritime, air and intermodal freight transport chapters have been substantially revised. In addition, a completely new Accidents section has been added to the Maritime transport chapter. A new chapter ‘Energy consumption’ has been created, combining and harmonizing the previous energy sections in the individual modal chapters. The intermodal definitions in each transport mode were removed from all chapters and inserted into the updated Intermodal Freight Transport chapter. The title of section III was changed to ‘Enterprises, investment and maintenance’ from ‘Enterprises, economic performance'. (Author/publisher)


20210243 ST [electronic version only]

[Luxembourg], Publications Office of the European Union, 2019, 150 p.; 5th edition - ISSN 2363-197X (print) / ISSN 2315-0815 (PDF) / ISBN 978-92-76-06209-7 (print) / ISBN 978-92-76-06213-4 (PDF)

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