Intelligent Transport Systems and motorcycle safety.

Bayly, M. Regan M.A. & Hosking, S.

The current study aimed to identify existing and emerging Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS) that have the potential to enhance motorcycle rider safety. A review of the literature revealed that very few commercially available ITS currently exist specifically for motorcycles, although several emerging technologies were identified. Consultations with international experts in ITS, motorcycle safety, motorcycle manufacturers and various road safety research organisations confirmed this. However, there are emerging and existing technologies for other vehicles that have the potential to address key motorcycle safety issues. Each of these technologies was described, and those deemed most directly relevant to these key safety issues were ranked in a prioritised list. Systems which addressed the stability and braking properties of the motorcycle were given the highest priority on this list, as these systems have potential to enhance motorcycle safety in almost all crash situations. However, this list was based on safety relevance only. In the absence of more definite data regarding the causal factors of motorcycle crashes and the actual effectiveness of each of these systems, this list should be regarded as tentative. Recommendations are made for further research and for stimulating the early development of ITS which have the potential to enhance safety and are acceptable to riders. (Author/publisher)

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C 39354 [electronic version only] /91 / ITRD E215083

Clayton, Victoria, Monash University, Accident Research Centre MUARC, 2006, XII + 64 p., 51 ref.; MUARC Report ; No. 260 - ISBN 0-7326-2330-8

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