MEDIATOR final results brochure

Deliverable D5.7 of the H2020 project MEDIATOR
MEDIATOR Consortium

Automated transport technology is developing rapidly for all transport modes, with huge safety potential. The transition to full automation, however, brings new risks, such as mode confusion, overreliance, reduced situational awareness and misuse. The driving task changes to a more supervisory role, reducing the task load and potentially leading to degraded human performance. Similarly, the automated system may not (yet) function in all situations.

The MEDIATOR project aimed to develop an in-vehicle system, the Mediator system, that intelligently assesses the strengths and weaknesses of both the driver and the automation and mediates between them, while also taking into account the driving context. It assists the timely take-over between driver and automation and vice versa, based on who is fittest to drive. This Mediator system optimises the safety potential of vehicle automation during the transition to full (level 5) automation. It would reduce risks, such as those caused by driver fatigue or inattention, or on the automation side by imperfect automated driving technology. MEDIATOR has facilitated market exploitation by actively involving the automotive industry during the development process.

To accomplish the development of this support system MEDIATOR integrated and enhanced existing knowledge of human factors and HMI, taking advantage of the expertise in other transport modes (aviation, rail and maritime). It further developed and adapted available technologies for real-time data collection, storage and analysis and incorporated the latest artificial intelligence techniques. MEDIATOR has developed working prototypes, and validated the system in a number of studies, including computer simulation, virtual reality, driving simulator and on-road studies.

With MEDIATOR we further paved the way towards safe and reliable future vehicle automation that takes into account who is most fit to drive: the human or the system.

MEDIATOR has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 814735.

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