Safety education of pedestrians for injury prevention

A systematic review of randomised controlled trials
Duperrex, O. Bunn, F. & Roberts, I.

Fifteen randomised controlled trials of road safety education for pedestrians of all ages were reviewed. The methodological quality of the trials was considered generally poor. The participants were children or institutionalised adults and no elderly people had been studied. All the trials had been conducted in high income countries and investigated observed behaviour, attitude and/or knowledge. The effect of safety education on pedestrian behaviour varied considerably, and even when improved behaviour was observed it was not possible to assess whether this would reduce the risk of injury. There was uncertainty whether changes of behaviour would persist over time. Many of the studies were conducted more than ten years ago and their relevance to the current road situation is questioned.

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C 22005 /83 / ITRD E113598

British Medical Journal, Vol. 324 (2002), No. 7346 (May 11), p. 1129-1131, 24 ref.

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