SARTRE: Social Attitudes to Road Traffic Risk in Europe

Towards a new policy-relevant understanding of Europe's drivers
Barjonet, INRETS ; Benjamin, T. IDBRA; Huguenin, R.D., ; Witting, Drs. R.D., SWOV
This report describes the survey that has been carried out within the framework of the project on Social Attitudes to Road Traffic Risk in Europe (SARTRE). The report results from the request made by the European Union's Directorate General VII (DG VII), for the writing of a policy document on the SARTRE project and for the presentation of the project's main policy implications, at a meeting of the High Level Group in Brussels on 23 november 1994. The following subjects will be dealt with: -the SARTRE project participants (ch. 1); -the objectives and background of the survey (ch. 2); - the main results (ch. 3); - conclusions and recommendations for each of the European Union's four Working Parties on road safety (ch. 4); - the potential use of the survey as a monitoring instrument for the development and evaluation of road safety policy in EU and member countries (ch. 5)
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SWOV, Leidschendam


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