Snelheid en snelheidsbeheersing

Samenvatting van de belangrijkste bevindingen uit de snelheidsprojecten in het SWOV-programma 2003-2006
Schagen (red.), Drs. I.N.L.G. van
Speed and speed management; Summary of the most important findings from the speeding projects in SWOV's 2003-2006 research programme Driving too fast, i.e. faster than the speed limit or insufficiently adapted to the circumstances, is one of road safety's central problems. In SWOV's 2003-2006 research programme, two projects examined this extensively. These were Analysis of speed, speed distribution and safety and Measures for speed enforcement. All sorts of activities took place within these projects. This report is the final report of these activities and briefly describes the most important ideas and the results of literature studies, analyses, and a number of empirical studies. The following subjects were dealt with: - the relation between speed, crash risk, and crash severity; - the factors that influence motorists' speed choice; - a vision of the short-term approach to the speeding problem; - an overview of measures for speed management. The report then zooms in on three specific measures for speed management which the SWOV research programme has paid special attention to: - credible speed limits; - speed enforcement; - Intelligent Speed Assistance (ISA). The subject of speed management has many aspects. This report shows that in SWOV's 2003-2006 research programme we studied many of these aspects, we obtained new knowledge in various areas and sorted out existing knowledge. In particular we made a great deal of progress in the aspect of credible speed limits. This of course does not mean that we now know everything; that's far from being the case. Various parts of the new SWOV research programme will pay attention to the subject of speed and speed management.
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