Towards a Czech Road Safety Information System

A feasibility study
Craen, S. de; Wegman, F.
The Czech Republic aims at improving its road safety and in the last years it achieved significant successes in reducing the number of road traffic casualties. Increasingly, road safety measures have to be taken in an effort to lower the number of accidents. A Road Safety Information System (RSIS), which contains relevant and qualified information on key traffic and safety data, is a helpful tool in the preparation and evaluation of road safety programmes. SWOV, commissioned by the Dutch Ministry of Transport, Public Works and Water Management, and in co-operation with the Transport Research Centre AVV, made an assessment of the availability and quality of information for the implementation of an RSIS in the Czech Republic as a prerequisite for its actual development and implementation. The study led to the conclusion that a number of problems need to be solved and questions need to be answered before a fully functional RSIS can be realised. SWOV recommends to start a pilot using the concept of the Dutch road safety information system and the Dutch experiences with operating the system.
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SWOV, Leidschendam


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