Triangulating the future: Developing scenarios of cyclist-automated vehicle interactions from literature, expert perspectives, and survey data

Berge, S.H.; Winter, J. de; Cleij, D.; Hagenzieker, M.

Automated vehicles pose a unique challenge to the safety of vulnerable road users. Research on cyclist-automated vehicle interaction has received relatively little attention compared to pedestrian safety. This exploratory study aims to bridge this gap by identifying cyclist-automated vehicle scenarios and providing recommendations for future research. In this study, we triangulated three sources: a systematic literature review of previous research on cyclists and automated vehicles, group interviews with eight traffic safety and automation experts, and questionnaire data. The resulting scenario collection comprised 20 prototypical scenarios of cyclist-automated vehicle interaction, grouped into four categories based on the road users’ direction of movement: crossing, passing, overtaking, and merging scenarios. The survey results indicated that right-turning vehicles, dooring scenarios, and more complex situations have the highest likelihood of accidents. Passing and merging scenarios are particularly relevant for studying automated vehicle communication solutions since they involve negotiation. Future research should also consider phantom braking and driving styles of vehicles, as well as programming proactive safety behaviours and designing on-vehicle interfaces that accommodate cyclists.

Verschenen in
Transportation Research Interdisciplinary Perspectives
23 (art. 100986)


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