Verkehrsablauf an signalisierten Knotenpunkten mit hohem Radverkehrsaufkommen

[Traffic flow at signalised intersections with high bicycle traffic volumes]
Busch, F.; Grigoropoulos, G.; Kaths, H.; Baier, M.M.; Reinartz, A.; Schuckließ, L.; Junghans, M.; Lücken, L.; Leonhardt, A.

Bicycling is an important part of an overall urban transport concept and traffic signals are indispensable in urban road networks to control traffic flow. The aim of this research project is to analyse the traffic flow at signalised intersections with a high number of bicyclists and, based on this, to develop practicable additions for the calculation procedure of the HBS 2015. To analyse the traffic flow, empirical studies of bicyclist behaviour were carried out at selected intersections in Berlin, Freiburg and Munich. Trajectories from road users are extracted from video data using of automatic image processing methods and are further processed to calculate parameters such as acceleration and time requirement values. These parameters are the basis for the calibration and validation of microscopic traffic simulation models used to generate further data for the development of the calculation methods. In total, four simulation scenarios were examined with systematic variation of the bicycle traffic volumes, vehicle traffic volumes, cycle times and green time shares. On the basis of the empirical and simulation results, extensions and adjustments to the existing calculation method are derived. For bicycle traffic on bicycle specific facilities, the time requirements (to determine capacities) are determined as a function of the width of the bicycle traffic facility. For the motor vehicle traffic, the influence of bicycle traffic is described for the following configurations: Impeding of straight-moving motor vehicles by bicycle traffic on bicycle boxes, occupancy time of conflict area by bicyclists with partially conflicting right-turning vehicle streams and the crossing of oncoming bicycle traffic streams by partially conflicting left-turning motor vehicle streams.

Berichte der Bundesanstalt für Straßenwesen, Reihe V: Verkehrstechnik
20230054 ST [electronic version only]
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Bundesanstalt für Strassenwesen BASt, Bergisch Gladbach

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