White paper : European transport policy for 2010 : time to decide : COM (2001) 370 final.

European Commission, Directorate-General for Energy and Transport

The development of the Common transport Policy in the EU is described. This includes the opening up of the transport market to competition. While this has still to be achieved in te rail freight market, considerable advances have been made in the road freight market, leading to an increase in international back loads. Comsumer prices have decreased, the quality of service has improved and choice has been widened. Progress on interoperability includes the trans-European high speed rail network and the development of the Galileo satellite navigation system. However the increase in road transport causing congestion, environmental impacts and accidents is cause for concern. Congestion (road, rail, and air) is serious at the cenre of the EU whereas peripheral regions still lack optimum transport links. The loss of economic competitiveness resulting from congestion is estimated at 0.5% of Community GDP, rising to 1% by 2010. The completion of the trans-European network requires further investment and connection to the Candidate Countries. Car ownership in the Candidate Countries is seen as an expression of freedom and is expected to increase dramatically. Freight transport has increased as goods tend now to be manufactured where production costs are lowest. Consequently freight transport is expected to increase by 50% from its 1998 level by 2010, causing yet more congestion in central regions. The need for integration of transport in sustainable development is discussed, including shifting the balance of modes of transport, reducing the dependence on oil, introducing road pricing, education, land use planning and other initiatives. Recommendations include a network of railway lines for freight only, changes to road freight contracts, promotion of sea and inland waterway transport, control of noise and pollution from aircraft, building the trans-European transport network, improving road safety, adopting a policy on effective charging for transport, eveloping high quality urban transport, managing the effects of globalisation and developing medium and long-term environmental objectives for a sustainable transport system. For the English report see: http://europa.eu.int/comm/energy_transport/en/lb_en.html / For the Dutch report see: http://europa.eu.int/comm/energy_transport/library/lb_texte_complet_nl…

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C 26089 [electronic version only] /10 /15 /72 / ITRD E117679

Luxembourg, Office for Official Publications of the European Communities Eur-OP, 2001, 118 p.; Catalogue number KO-33-00-009-EN-C - ISBN 92-894-0341-1

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