Wrong-way drivers : accidents — interventions.

Scaramuzza, G. & Cavegn, M.

The aim of the study was to estimate the extent of the wrong-way driver problem in Switzerland, to determine the risk factors that lead to wrong-way driving and to pinpoint countermeasures that would lead to a reduction or prevention of wrong-way driving or wrong-way driver accidents. An initial analysis was conducted of domestic and foreign studies as well as existing structures and standards in Switzerland. Based on the evaluations of accidents and radio warnings in Switzerland, risk factors and preventive measures were then worked out. It is deduced, that wrong-way driver accidents are very rare, but severe and distributed throughout the country. Location and time of accidents and radio warnings rarely match up: Warnings are rarely followed by accidents – accidents are rarely preceded by warnings. Particularly at risk are young drivers who perform risky manoeuvres when under the influence of alcohol (U-turns on open stretches of motorways) and older drivers who mistake motorway exits at night for motorway entrances. As wrong-way-driving accidents are rare and scattered, but very severe, a specific prevention strategy is required. This strategy should focus on quality of radio warnings and promote low-cost measures for junctions nationwide considering special signs. The usual activities concerning the risk factors alcohol, night-time and old age are to be continued. In contrast, improvements of the layout of junctions are recommended only in areas with higher numbers of wrong-way driving accidents or warnings. Eventually electronic systems for the detection of wrong-way drivers are not adequate countermeasures. Their specificity is too high. (Author/publisher)

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20071561 d ST (In: 20071561 ST CD-ROM)

In: Young Researchers Seminar 2007, Brno, Czech Republic, 27-30 May 2007, arranged by European Conference of Transport Research Institutes ECTRI, Forum of European National Highway Research Laboratories FEHRL, Centrum Dopravniho Vyzkumu and Forum of European Road Safety Research Institutes (FERSI), 12 p., 12 ref.

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