684 road deaths in 2023 in the Netherlands: less than 2022, but no downward trend

In 2023, 684 people died in traffic in the Netherlands, as announced by Statistics Netherlands on April 10. Although this is a lower number of road deaths than in 2022, we can not yet consider this development a downward trend. With the exception of 745 road deaths in 2022, this has been the highest number of road deaths in the Netherlands in the past 14 years.

Again more cyclists killed than car occupants

Nearly forty percent of road deaths in the Netherlands were cyclists. For the fourth consecutive year, more cyclists (270) than car occupants (194) were killed in Dutch traffic. The breakdown by age shows that more than half (55%) of road deaths were aged 60 years or older (375 road deaths).

A further analysis of road safety developments will be presented by SWOV in the yearly State of Road Safety (published end of the year). 

The factsheet on road deaths in the Netherlands is currently being updated.