Dr Letty Aarts is research manager of the ‘Data and Analysis for Policy’ department. She coordinates the research activities on road safety data such as the annual determination of the real number of serious road injuries in the Netherlands and the annual analysis on the national State of Road Safety.
Dr Charlotte Bax conducts research into provinces and municipalities – and in cooperation with them.
Dr Frits Bijleveld is specialized in the fields of data analysis, methods and techniques, and time series analysis.
Marjolein Boele, MSc, conducts research into (motor)cyclist behaviour and bicycle helmets.
Niels Bos, MSc, is SWOV specialist in the fields of data collection, data processing, data analysis, and knowledge systems.
Michiel Christoph, MSc, has extensive experience with collecting and analysing Naturalistic Driving data with research focused on distracted driving.
Dr Diane Cleij researches human-machine interaction in relation to automated vehicles.
Dr Saskia de Craen is manager of the ‘Communications’ department. She is also the public affairs advisor for SWOV and is responsible for the production and quality of SWOV fact sheets.

Martin Damen, MSc, is managing director of SWOV.

Dr Ragnhild Davidse is research manager of the ‘Road User Behaviour’ department and coordinates the research activities on the behaviour and physical and mental condition of road users.