Rob Decae, MSc, is specialized in data processing, data analysis, ETL processes and model building.
Dr Atze Dijkstra is a specialist in road safety aspects of road classification, the layout of residential areas, and of the design of roads and bicycle facilities.
Dr Michelle Doumen investigates young drivers, the fitness to drive of older road users with early dementia, and perception.
Kirsten van Duijvenvoorde, BASc, is a member of SWOV’s team for in-depth study into road traffic crashes as a crash researcher.
Rob Eenink, MSc, is Deputy Director and head of the Operational Management department. Rob Eenink is also the president of the network organization FERSI.
Sarah Gebhard, MSc, conducts research in the department of ‘Infrastructure and Traffic’ on the relationship between road design and traffic safety.
Dr Maartje de Goede is specialized in the topic of human factors and traffic safety.
Zarina Hettema, Bachelor of Built Environment, is a member of SWOV’s team for in-depth study into road traffic crashes.
Tamara Hoekstra, MSc, carries out research into interactions between vulnerable and less vulnerable road users, influencing traffic behaviour with education and public information, subjective road safety and automated vehicles.
Dr Reinier Jansen is an expert in the field of Naturalistic Driving data analyses.